First of all, this blog is not about cats, so I’m sorry of that’s what has brought you here! However, cats do feature in the cast of characters that populate my life and therefore my new blog…

I am a married woman in my mid-thirties, living in South West England. I have a lovely daughter, a loving family and two loveable cats, but a brain that often doesn’t want to love me. I’ve had mental issues since my early teens and I have since been diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety and OSFED. But because I’m ‘high functioning’, most of my friends and family never knew (and some still don’t) about the battle I fight in my head everyday.

So that’s what this blog is about. If I can help explain what is going on under the façade of normality that I’m seemingly so good at creating, then maybe I can help others understand themselves, or their loved ones and provide some insight into the best or different ways to approach this very common, yet often hidden, illness.